MasQ Cell TraQ offers a simple yet innovative system allowing for continuous and individual monitoring of electro-winning cells. Through the use of heat sensitive cameras mounted to the roof of the tank house, MasQ Cell TraQ communicates any variations detected via an onboard wireless router. This connects directly with a server in the control room, alerting technicians to any fluctuations in real-time.

Using our purpose built software; users are able to track conditions over the entire cell simultaneously. The software can be customized to suit specific requirements for any tank house and will detect changes in current and or temperature within exact ranges set by the user. An alarm notification system advises the control room should any individual cathode experience a variation requiring action. In this way, the MasQ Cell TraQ is highly accurate monitoring tool offering the ability to pin point the exact cathode in the cell with a temperature variation, allowing technicians to swiftly and precisely implement corrective action.


One of the key advantages with the MasQ Cell TraQ system is ease of installation. All that is required for installation is a power supply on the roof to connect the cameras. Once established, cameras can be quickly mounted and powered up. In addition, only a small space is required in the control room to accommodate the server and screen. The MasQ Cell TraQ system has been developed to minimize maintenance requirements. All cameras are installed in our custom designed housing with self-cleaning lenses. Should any additional maintenance be required, a highly trained MasQ technician will be available on site to conduct the necessary procedures.


  • Essential component for appropriate tank house management
  • Real time monitoring of cells down to the level of the individual cathode
  • Easy installation & low maintenance (if any)
  • Decreased unplanned downtime of cells
  • Increased production through early detection of problems in cells
  • Cost effective monitoring solution compared to other systems on the market
  • Assistance in plant maintenance
  • Robust equipment and limited parts allows MasQ Cell TraQ to withstand the hostile environment of any tank house

Equipment List

  • Heat monitoring cameras
  • Self-cleaning, high corrosive resistance camera housing
  • 1 Wireless router per housing
  • Control server
  • Monitoring screen