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About MasQ

The company is built on experience and expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of quality, high performance components for a variety of applications.

Started in 2005, the company’s founders have years of experience in the rubber industry and this solid foundation of knowledge and expertise is reflected in the company’s industry-leading compound design and component development. It has also enabled the firm to extend its capabilities and reach through close relationships with a global network of strategic partners.

As well as being able to design and develop using an extensive range of compounds — such as Viton, Nitrile, EPDM and Natural Rubber — the team of in-house engineers at MasQ has a track record of both designing high-performance components from scratch and improving on existing product designs.

MasQ boasts one of the fastest manufacturing turnaround times in the industry and can quickly fabricate high-quality components to meet precise customer specifications and volumes from its factory facilities in Johannesburg.

Exceptional customer service
An owner-managed operation, MasQ has built its reputation on both world-class products and first-rate customer service. The company puts long-term, personal relationships with customers first and subscribes to a philosophy of accountability, integrity and excellence.

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Company History

Humble beginnings

MasQ officially registers as a business. Darryl and Al Maskew visit factories in China looking for a supplier on rubber moldings.

The growth starts

Initially operating from a house in Johannesburg, MasQ receives its first order for rubber gaskets; later that year MasQ signs contracts to supply our patented Jumper gaskets to Impala Platinum, Anglo Platinum & Lonmin platinum mines.

A focus on social upliftment

MasQ develops and implements a company policy to contribute to local social upliftment and awareness. This involves only hiring previously disadvantaged and currently unemployed candidates. In addition, MasQ shifts the bulk of product manufacturing back to South Africa, preferentially supporting local businesses. Growth is slow but remains continuous.

MasQ is a proud supporter of The Village Safe Haven foster care centre ( The Village Safe Haven is a non-profit foster care facility for orphaned and abused children – their vision and purpose is to raise and educate orphaned, abused and abandoned children and ensure that they are homed and cared for in loving homes.


Growth and Diversification

At this point, product diversification commences as MasQ begins to supply Bell equipment as an OEM supplier on most rubber-to-metal bonded products. We also diversify into plastics and enter the polyurethane screen panel market at the same time.

New Headquarters

As our operations and production grows, the MasQ team moves from a small factory in Wynberg to a 1200sqm factory in Marlboro, South Africa.

Africa the continent

As the global economy shifts, MasQ broadens its focus and begins pushing product across the African Continent. During this time, MasQ invests substantially in design and development of electro winning equipment and cell top furniture used in copper, cobalt and manganese plants.

10-year Anniversary

A decade into operations, with the demand for electro winning components increasing, operations at MasQ again relocate to a larger factory to accommodate the growing production lines.

Make Technology count

Retaining our focus on innovation and technology design, MasQ develops new product options to improve output and efficiency on electro winning plants.

Going Green 

With the effects of climate change becoming more widespread, MasQ has joined other global companies in adopting a greener and more sustainable approach to our operations.  In 2021, MasQ embarked on a program to substantially reduce the carbon footprint of our manufacturing company, primarily driven by a move away from utilisation of power generated by fossil fuels


Village Safe Haven Donation 2023

MasQ is a proud supporter of The Village Safe Haven foster care centre for many years.

The Village Safe Haven is a non-profit foster care facility who welcomes all children placed with them with love and compassion into a stable and caring environment.

This year and the past few years MasQ gave back by contributing a monthly donation, as well as sending each child a package with stationery, clothing, toiletries as well as a personal gift as per each child’s interest/hobby at the end  of each year.