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Collars and Ferrules

MasQ Brands is the leading manufacturer of Drill Rod Collars to the mining industry, specializing in the bonding of rubber to metal. We pride ourselves on exceptional manufacturing standards, which ensures that with the correct bonding there are never slipped collars. Our collars are fitted onto various drill rods; used in the underground mining industry; with taper drill bits.


MasQ collars are manufactured in the following sizes:

MB1200 – 42.1 Dia x 75 x 22 Hex Collar

MB1201 – 42.1 Dia x 100 x 25 Hex Collar

MB1202 – 38.1 Dia x 75 x 19 Hex Collar

MB1203 – 38.1 Dia x 75 x 19 Hex Collar – Slotted

  • Collar 4
  • Collar 11
  • Collar 1