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Core Trays

MasQ is a distributor of the Terracor range of core trays, racking systems and accessories.

The high-quality core trays and racking systems we supply are trusted by geologists all over the world for reliable, secure storage and transportation of core samples.

Designed by experts to perform in the harshest of environments, Terracor plastic and steel core trays are constructed using the highest quality materials and boast a comprehensive set of safety and handling features

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    Benefits and Features of our Plastic Core Trays

    • Non-corrosive – Plastic core trays will not corrode or fall apart, permitting safe, long-term storage of valuable core samples. All Terracor plastic trays are UV protected and reinforced with ribs.

    • Non-magnetic – Get accurate results when testing for magnetic susceptibility.

    • Chemically inert – Negligible risk of sample contamination.

    • UV-steadied – Extended lifespan when storing outside.

    • No sharp – edges For ease-of-use and a reduction in handling injuries, equating to less down time.

    • Stable stacking – Efficient interlocking allows for safe, stable stacking.

    • Corrosion resistant – Trays constructed from high-grade Zincalume steel, which offers proven long-term corrosion resistance across multiple atmospheric environments and a lifetime of up to four times that of ordinary

    • Secure transportation – Deep profile ensures core samples are held securely during transportation.

    • Optimal drainage – Optimally placed drainage ports ensure rapid drainage of residual water.

    • Safe handling – No sharp edges, reducing on-site and handling-related injuries, and widened handle system for increased stability when lifting. In addition, all 1,5m trays supplied with dual handle system as standard.

    • On-site assembly option – To reduce transportation costs, all trays are available in prefabricated (on-site assembly) and welded form.

    • Easy to identify – Permanently identify and record contents of tray using the convenient label.

    • Anti-contamination measures –  Raised side walls help to prevent sample contamination during handling and transportation.

    • Anti-contamination measures –  Raised side walls help to prevent sample contamination during handling and transportation.

    • Mutiple handle options – Recyclable, retractable plastic handles — compatible with all storage bays — are available as standard on entire range, but can also opt for reusable steel handles at no extra cost.

    Types of Core Trays

    Plastic Core Trays

    Constructed from high-quality, UV-stabilised polypropylene and reinforced with ribs, the trays are non-corrosive, non-magnetic and chemically inert. Other features include: ruler for core sample measuring, no sharp edges, moulded handles and interlocking design for secure stacking. These trays are available in various sizes.

    Steel Core Trays

    Constructed from high-grade Zincalume steel, these tough, durable trays are extremely corrosion resistant, offering a lifetime of up to four times that of ordinary galvanised steel. Other features include: deep profiles and raised walls to ensure core samples are held securely, optimally placed drainage ports, multiple handle options, convenient labels and interlocking design for safe, stable stacking. These trays are available in a full range of sizes and depths.

    Racking Systems

    Manufactured from high-quality galvanised steel, the heavy-duty racking systems create a stable, compact platform for convenient core tray storage. The slide out functionality of the racks allows for easy access and trouble-free core sample viewing by personnel, minimising the risk of handling-related injury. The systems are universal, both double and single racks are available and we can also provide custom storage solutions.


    We also supply a comprehensive range of related accessories and geological equipment, including carry boxes, core blocks, rock chip trays, goniometers, core splitters and blades.
    Seasoned geologists and drillers know what works in the field
    Designed to meet the exacting standards of seasoned geologists and drillers, the Terracor range of core trays and racking systems offer an attractive combination of tough, durable build quality, outstanding safety and handling features, and secure, lightweight stacking. Please contact us to find out more about this popular range of core trays, racking systems and accessories.