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Insulator Blocks / Capping

Insulator Blocks

MasQ manufactures a wide range of Insulator Blocks.

The MasQ Insulator Blocks ensure accurate location for Anodes and Cathodes.

All MasQ Insulator Blocks are manufactured with specialized composite, that has a high resistance to corrosion and mechanical impact.

MasQ Insulator Block Features Include:

MasQ Insulator Block Features Include:

  • Insulator Blocks
  • Capping
  • Insulator-Blocks-4-768x1024
  • Insulator Block
  • Our blocks are stable at high temperatures.

  • Every Insulator block we manufacture assures stable electrode geometry and is electrically inert.
  • This guarantees reduced process interruptions as well as providing a constant operating environment which equates to improved yields.
  • MasQ will manufacture Insulator Blocks to suit any Busbar
  • MasQ Insulator Blocks are long-lasting and the most durable on the current EW/ER market
  • Nonconductive, vinyl-ester based compounds that offer extreme heat and chemical resistance
  • MasQ Insulator Blocks are designed to provide proper and precise spacing between electrodes to eliminate short circuits

Capping Boards

MasQ Capping Board Features Include:

  • Our designs promote consistent elevations across cell lines and prevent electrolytic incursion on the cell top, eliminating cell wall degradation.
  • Capping boards can be manufactured/purchased in one piece (cell length) or modular sections
  • Manufactured using methods that meet your target pricing and delivery needs
  • Capping-Boards
  • Capping-Boards-1
  • Capping-Boards-2