Our comprehensive range of polyurethane screen panel systems offers you a cost-effective solution to your specific separating, sizing and reducing needs.

The MasQ range of polyurethane screen panel systems is extremely durable and cost-effective. Featuring new corrosion engineering technology, our injection-moulded panels offer noise absorption and wear-cycles that either match or exceed those of conventional woven wire or perforated steel plate panels.

MasQ polyurethane screen panels offer cost-effective, long-lasting separating and sizing of all types of minerals and earths. Our proven panels are ideal for use in all mine and quarry stone-crushing and sand-handling plants.

Benefits of our Screen Panel Systems

  • Cost-effective
  • Longer lifespan
  • Improved wear-resistance
  • More open area
  • Added reinforcement


  • Draining Deflection (DDF)
    Channelling material and fluid from dead areas to apertures for increased screening efficiency.
  • Flow Restriction (RF)
    Restricting flow of product to increase time spent on screening surface to maximise screening efficiency.
  • Carrier Bars (CBs)
    Increasing life expectancy and efficiency by lifting large particles above apertures. The screenable particles are forced to traverse more apertures to further improve efficiency.
  • L-Shape (25-200mm)
    Increasing de-watering efficiency or product rinsing.
  • Dividers
    Generating two streams of screening on one deck.
  • Side Liners
  • Four pin and sleeve fastening (round)
    Standard four pin and sleeve approach and oversized pins are available for slightly worn fixing holes on support frames.
  • Injection moulded
    High-speed, high-quality production ensuring that every panel has accurate opening sizes and shapes and is thoroughly cured throughout.

Types of Screen Panels Available:

  • Standard
    305 x 305 x 31mm and 305 x 305 x 35mm with square, slotted and VR apertures of between 0.3mm to 70mm (please enquire for a list of all available panel options)
  • VR Self Cleaning
    Non-blind and Pegging
  • VRA Panel (Patented)
    Aperture is moulded at an angle to increase throughput
  • Solid Panel
    For high impact or abrasion applications, e.g. feed end and discharge
  • Wire Insert Panel

    Wedge Wire Panel

  • Specials

    Including round teardrop and angled round

Proven solutions, fast lead times, excellent customer service

Whether you are looking for a proven solution to reduce your screening costs-per-ton, want to take advantage of our conveniently fast production and lead-times or to experience our excellent customer service, please contact us to find out more about our polyurethane screen panels.